Working from Home Securely


Whether employees are working from home under regular conditions or in response to an emergency or disruptive event, allowing remote access to your organization’s systems and data presents a variety of additional security risks.

Recently, COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the trend of remote work. Any workforce which was able to has switched to remote access almost overnight. Unfortunately, attackers are opportunistic and often take advantage of these periods of transition or crisis to exploit subsequent vulnerabilities in an organization’s security posture, launching successful and devastating cyber-attacks.

Working from Home Securely helps your employees keep security top of mind with guidance to help them avoid risky behaviors and identify potential threats. This presentation will review best practices, tips, and advice for remaining secure when working as well as in employees’ personal lives.

Presentation Formats

  • Standard Form – 90 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes short break and Question/Answer session
  • Abridged Form – 60 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes shortened Question/Answer session

Employees will Learn

  1. Why is working from home is different than working at the office
  2. Some of the main security risks when working remotely
  3. How we can keep ourselves and our organizations secure, including:
    • Steps to keep our Internet connections secure
    • Steps to keep our computers secure
    • Steps to keep our cellphones and mobile devices secure
    • Steps to maintain strong email security
    • Steps to stay secure on the Internet