Phishing and Email Scams


Email is the top attack vector – Over 95% of successful cyber attacks and data breaches begin by targeting users within your organization! As attackers focus on quality over quantity, and increasingly opting for more targeted and personalized attacks instead of bulk campaigns, it is becoming harder to distinguish phishing emails from legitimate emails. Phishing and Email Scams teaches your employees how to spot phishing emails, and examines over 25 actual phishing emails in a “Spot the Phish” activity.

Presentation Formats

  • Standard Form – 120 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes short break and Question/Answer session
  • Abridged Form – 90 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes shortened Question/Answer session

Employees will Learn

  1. Why email is a top attack vector
  2. How attackers use social engineering and pretexting scams
  3. How attackers use phishing, spear phishing, vishing, and smishing scams
  4. The three common phases of a phishing attack
  5. How we can spot phishing emails – 5 basic signs
  6. How we can spot craftier, more sophisticated phishing emails
  7. How to know whether attachments are secure
  8. The best way to deal with suspicious emails
  9. How to analyze real examples of phishing emails, via a Spot the Phish Exercise