Combating Ransomware


Combating Ransomware provides an in-depth look at this modern threat, which is becoming increasingly targeted and destructive. In current trends, attackers are choosing to infiltrate an organization’s network undetected, disable crucial security controls and cover their tracks, and perform extensive digital reconnaissance to make their ransomware attacks as devastating as possible – In an effort to increase the chances that you will pay. Modern ransomware is sophisticated and intelligent, and will compromise backups and remote devices while employing a long incubation period before you know anything is wrong. Let’s look at how we can protect our organizations from this threat!

Presentation Formats

  • Standard Form – 90 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes short break and Question/Answer session
  • Abridged Form – 75 minutes
    • Available online and onsite (currently only online)
    • Includes shortened Question/Answer session

Employees will Learn

  1. What ransomware is
  2. What the risks are, and why we should be concerned about it
  3. How ransomware typically spreads
  4. Signs that your systems may be infected
  5. Steps you can take to prevent ransomware
  6. The best steps to take if you detect ransomware on your PC or on your network