About Us

We believe in making cyber security accessible, by providing clear, pragmatic and effective guidance in a structured and organized manner.


Cyber security is a complex and rapidly evolving field. We are inundated daily with news articles of security breaches, even at major corporations. With limited time and resources, and a need to effectively manage risk and secure our organizations against cyber attack, it can be difficult to define and execute a clear path forward. Where do we begin? Let us show you!

Our Philosophy

Unified Cyber Solutions was founded on the premise of making cybersecurity accessible and effective for small organizations, incorporating cyber security into overall IT management. We begin by developing an understanding of your organization’s operations and its specific needs, and then guide you through implementing the most pragmatic, effective controls to make substantial improvements to your security posture.

Our Approach

  • Integration of Cyber Security into IT management
  • Structured, organized progression
  • Strategic allocation of resources
  • Employee training and awareness
  • Openness and clear communication
  • A positive, strengths-based approach
Daniel Waknine
Owner and CEO

Passionate about enabling a pragmatic approach to cyber security, with over 20 years experience. MSc, CISSP, CEH, CCSP.

Cindy Porter
Systems Administrator

Researches, designs, and implements both on-premise and cloud-based networks and information systems.

Ben Zhou
Security Analyst

Designs Information Security programs, policies, and guidelines to mitigate risks for our clients.